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Vestibular & Migraine

A fall can cause brain injury and disequilibrium. One neurological problem associated with vestibular disorders is migraine. Migraine originates deep in the brain with electrical impulses spread to other regions of the brain. Changes in nerve cell activity and blood flow may result in symptoms such as:

  • visual disturbance
  • numbness, or
  • tingling and dizziness

Chemicals in the brain cause blood vessel dilation and inflammation of surrounding tissue. Inflammation can irritate trigeminal nerves, resulting in severe or throbbing pain.


  • 25% of migraineurs have vertigo as an aura
  • 66% of migraineurs are motion intolerant
  • 80% have photophobia (sensitive to light)
  • 76% have misophobia (sensitive to loud sound)
  • 73% are afflicted with nausea