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Aptow is happy to treat patients for 30 days without a doctor referral. Please call our clinic to make an appointment.

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The Rack-O-Matic:
Inversion therapy has been around for decades as a tool to relieve back pain, improve circulation and posture, realign the spine, and increase flexibility and range of motion. APTOW’s custom made Rack-O-Matic offers more than a traditional table: through the integration of resistance and full incline, we can restore proper function and mobility of the spine. You won’t find this unique treatment anywhere else! Click here for more information on back pain.

The Reformer:
Designed to enhance the practice of Pilates, the Reformer is an advanced system of straps, strings and pulleys used to create resistance. More than 100 exercises can be performed using the Reformer, which is why it is an invaluable tool in physical rehabilitation.

Laser Therapy:
Cold laser therapy is used for musculoskeletal injures to heal soft tissue and treat pain caused by lower back strain and herniated discs. Laser therapy is proven to relieve muscle and joint pain.

It is advantageous to use the Bowflex in a physical therapy setting because this machine offers resistance training to all fitness levels, strength limitations and range-of-motion challenges. Click here for more information about shoulder injuries.

Many patients suffering from joint pain can get the benefit of a hamstring, thigh, calf, and buttocks work-out without chance of further injury.

Ankle Exerciser:
Ankle injury is very common due to the amount of weight placed on the joint. The Ankle Exerciser offers weighted resistance to help re-train the joint after sprain or other injury.

Using Nintendo’s Wii video game system, we ask our patients to challenge their endurance, strength, and coordination. Wii engages patients and provides a distraction from the pain, but is no less effective than traditional exercises. The games help with a variety of musculoskeletal injuries and are a welcome addition to our gym floor.